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    • Economy class air fare
    • Accommodation & Local transportation
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    • Processed & Un Processed Food
    • Engineering Goods
    • Textiles and Handlooms
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Ayurvedic and Herbal Products
    • Stoneware and Stone Products
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    • 7th January, 2016
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    • 10th January, 2016
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    • 28th December, 2015
      Last date for submission of entry for participation
    • 12th January, 2016
      Acceptance & confirmation of entries
About the Organisers
Incorporated in 1961, Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. (MPLUN) was, in 1978, given the dual task of providing marketing assistance to the SME's and to act as central purchase agency of the Madhya Pradesh State Government. Over the years MPLUN has diversified and expanded its spectrum of activities to become a Rs.1,200 crore company with a team of over 400 committed & dedicated professionals in the areas management, finance, engineering, textiles, pharmaceuticals, technical, computers and electronics.
As a premier marketing and procurement organisation of the Madhya Pradesh Government, MPLUN is an enterprise founded on the pillars of transparency, accessibility, profitability and technology, enabling organisations to procure wide ranging commodities with significant cost, time and competitive advantages.
Today, MPLUN's range of operations include procuring and distribution of key raw materials to Government Departments and SME's running the MRIGNAYANI chain of emporiaacross the country showcasing authentic handicrafts and handlooms of Madhya Pradesh, construction and maintenance of various government and semi-government infrastructure, consultancy & procurement services, export promotion, promotional activities for SME's and furthering the horizons of information technology.
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